Serve & Protect the Citizens of The State of San Andreas.

Hello, and Welcome to the official Chameleon Crusader's FiveM FivePD server.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us and have great times with old or new friends you may acquire.

In order to best enjoy your stay, please read the below sections carefully to better understand

our community and the servers that we host. Good luck, and Happy Patroling!

Let's get started with the basics.

Read the Rules

There is an in-game resource to help you better understand the TCC's Server Rules. While on foot, you can access this menu from hitting F7. If you have any questions pertaining to these rules, please contact us on our Discord server under the #member-support channel found under the Public Square category.

Join the Server

1. Open FiveM

2. Paste

3. Connect to the Server

Join our Discord

Chat with fellow TCC members, receive the latest information about our FiveM servers & check out our other dedicated servers/community projects by joining our discord today!

The Chameleon Crusaders

Patrol a beat

TCC's servers are PvP/PvE hybrids. What this means is that players can choose to only interact with AI's only using FivePD, or players can also add Player vs Player roleplaying using the included Sonoran CAD. (linked above in top right of page, search for "TCC" Community and use "tccmember" for the Permission Key to join)



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Read the latest news.

The AOGC is now the Chameleon Crusdaders!

The Irish Edition and PvE servers will soon merge to make a PVP/PVE Server

Check out our other dedicated servers for World of Warcraft, Minecraft, ArmA III, and More!

Find out more about the TCC and what we offer in the TCC Discord Server

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